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Terms of Agreement   2016-2017

Please consider the Terms of Agreement stated below for all dancers.  Please return the signed document and we will keep the original and return one copy to the parent of the dancer.

ATTENDANCE:         Regular attendance creates team spirit and success!

Please be on time for all classes, rehearsals, and performances.  
Communicate any and all delays, emergencies or absences as soon as possible.
Regular attendance at all classes is necessary for participation on the Dance Team.
It is the student’s responsibility to arrange to learn choreography from any missed class or rehearsal.
Please communicate any conflict with dates for upcoming performances/competitions.



As a member of the Dance Team you represent yourself, your family, and the entire Your Dance Studio dance community.  We applaud you for conducting yourself in a mature and responsible manner!  Please refer to (Studio Code of Ethics )

The dancer agrees to maintain academic grades that are acceptable to their parent's standards.  As per parental discretion, a dancer will be granted a one-month leave of absence, if necessary, with no penalty to put scholastic obligations in order.  The dancer will be fully responsible to make-up any work/choreography when continuing with the program. 

The dancer agrees to have proper hygiene and cleanliness at all times, and to abide by the dress code when required.

The dancer agrees to refrain from illegal and non-prescription drugs, steroids, or any other substance used to increase physical development, as well as consumption of alcohol, and use of tobacco.

The dancer agrees to keep their belongings organized and clean and to leave all areas in the same condition or better than they found it at classes, rehearsals, and performances.

If a dance team member is in a romantic relationship they agree to not have any public displays of affection at the Dance Workshop or at any  Dance Workshop outside event. 

Any student or parent posting any comments on social media or demonstrating any behaviors that do not uphold the Code of Ethics will be held to account. A conference with the student and parent will address any and all issues that may arise.

Please be certain you feel well when participating in classes or dance team activities.  Dancing on injuries or when emotionally upset not only affects one’s dancing but the spirit of the team as a whole.  We want our dancers to work hard yet enjoy every aspect of their participation.

The dancer agrees to report any injury occurring while in class, at rehearsal or at a performance immediately to their instructors as well as Studio Director, or whoever is in charge of them at the time.  An injury report will be filled out in the office at the time of injury.

The dancer agrees to observe classes, rehearsals, and performances when recovering from any injury or illness if possible.  The dancer/parent agrees to have written permission from the doctor before returning to classes, rehearsals, and performances after an absence from an injury even if they are returning with limitations.


The dancer agrees to report any injury occurring while engaged in a non-dance related activity.

The dancer/parent agrees to keep all contagious illnesses out of the dance studio.  Please do not come to classes, rehearsals, and performances when really sick!

The dancer/parent agrees to inform the staff at (Your Dance Studio) of ANY personal issue that we should be sensitive to while the dancer is in our care.  


Please be conscientious about the care of your costumes, personal dance attire, costume pieces as required, and makeup. We look forward to our dancers looking polished and professional.

The dancer/parent agrees to take responsibility for all costumes, tights, shoes while in their care whether the property of the dancer or of (Your Dance Studio).

The dancer/parent agrees to be prepared for all performances with all costume pieces and personal dance attire (i.e.; hair, makeup, tights, etc…) as required and to arrive on time.

The dancer/parent agrees to immediately report to Dance Team Teacher any costume that is falling apart, has a broken piece, etc.

Dancers are requested to wear Dance Workshop logo wear when attending any outside convention or competition.  

Dance Workshop Competition  Team  Terms of Agreement 2016-2017

Congratulations!  This document represents your willingness to abide by the rights and responsibilities itemized in this agreement for the period of  June – June.  You can count on your experience and opportunity as a (Your Dance Studio Dance Team) member to be one of positive ongoing growth and development.  All team members and their families will be included in any coaching or concern regarding our programs and values. 

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