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Welcome to the Dance Workshop’s 2017-2018 Dance Season!


The Dance Workshop has a lot of exciting enhancements in store for the coming dance season! Continuing and returning staff will be offering all the usual classes along with some new offerings, such as Tap Funk, Acro and Musical Theater. This year, Ann will primarily focus on being Creative Director of the studio. She is welcoming back Misty Magee, an award-winning choreographer and teacher (as well as a previous Dance Workshop student), to help complete the instructional team for 2017-18. We can’t wait for the season to begin!

First Day of the 2017-18 Season: August 21, 2017

2017-18 Dance Workshop Instructors and Staff:

Ann Peters: Owner and Creative Director of the Dance Workshop

Ann is an Award-winning Tap choreographer 5 years in a row and was honored as Nevada Woman of the Year 2002.
This year Ann will be focusing on being Creative Director of the Dance Workshop.


Craig Peters: Ballroom

Tracey George: Baby & Tiny Tunes; Jazz; Tap/Ballet Combo; Contemporary

Alex Kaskie: Hip Hop; Acro; Musical Theater

Rex Kline: Contemporary; Tap; Hip Hop

Michelle Lindsey: Ballet; Pre-Pointe/Pointe; Lyrical; Adult Mixed Styles

Misty Magee: Tap; Tap Funk; Hip Hop; Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combos; Hip Hop; Team Jr & Sr

Shayla Pinther: Contemporary; Jazz; Leaps & Turns; Hip Hop

Raechel Prosser: Tap; Jazz; Leaps & Turns; Pilates


Janie Lowe: Office Manager

Sign-up for Classes!

The schedule of classes is now posted! Please go to our website at to view what is offered and sign-up for classes.

If you are a returning student, you should have already received recommendations on classes to take for the 2017-18 season. These recommendations are based on teacher recommendations, student progress and skills.  If your dancer is interested in any classes outside of the recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact Ann to talk about joining additional classes. Our goal to support you in pursuing your dance education goals. So let’s create an individualized dance schedule that is both satisfying and challenging for your dancer!

2017-18 Dance Season Fee Schedule
The following provides an outline of the basic fee schedule:

30 minute class = $35

45 minute class = $50

1 hour class = $55

If a student takes multiple classes, a multiple class discount is applied (for example, if your first 2 classes are an hour long, you will be charged $55 for the 1st class and $45 for the 2nd class for a savings of $10 per month. If you add another 1 hour class, that 3rd class will cost only $35 per month).  Also, if a student is a member of the Company Competition team, there may be added fees to cover the costs of additional choreography and practices. As always, students are welcome to try a class for free!

The Dance Workshop offers “Auto-pay,” making it simple to keep up-to-date on your Dance Workshop account. Signing up for this service can be done through the Dance Workshop website ( or by coming to the office and signing up there. As a reminder, those who are not utilizing “Auto-pay” will be charged an additional monthly processing fee of $5. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ann or the office.

Key Dates for the 2017-18 Dance Season

The following outline identifies any anticipated dance breaks that may occur through-out the dance season; however, these are subject to change.  Hopefully this will help you plan for the coming school and dance season year.

August 21 – First Day for Dance Season

September 4 – Labor Day: NO DANCE

October 23-27 – Fall Break for DCSD: Dance Classes IN SESSION and Glow Fest will be held.

October 31 – Halloween: NO DANCE

November 22-24 – Thanksgiving Break: NO DANCE

December 25-January 5 – Winter Break for DCSD: NO DANCE

January 15 – Martin Luther King Day: Dance Classes IN SESSION

February 19-23 – President’s Holiday Break for DCSD: Dance Classes IN SESSION

April 16-20 – Spring Break for DCSD: NO DANCE

June 7 – Last day of school for DCSD.  Adaptations to the dance schedule may occur due to high school graduation as well as other end of school year activities. You will be informed as this date grows closer.

June 2018 – Preparation for end of year Recital; Recital date and additional practice times to be determined.