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2017-2017 Dance Workshop Company Contract

$75 Non- Refundable Registration Fee Required
Name of Dancer ________________________________________Age (as of 1/1/2016)__________________

Name and Phone of Parent__________________________________________________________________

We understand by signing this contract, we fully commitment and agree to abide by all the items described in this document. We also agree to be present at all the rehearsals and non-optional events. We understand that failure to comply with any of the following can result in dismissal from the company.

The Dance Workshop Company does not offer refunds or credits if dismissal is required.

Please check the below indicating you agree and abide:

( ) Yes, I, parent/guardian of the above stated dancer, agree that we will be fully responsible for all scheduled competition fees, choreography fees, and agree to sign up for auto pay of all costumes and competition registration fees.

( ) Yes, I, and my parent or guardian, agree with all of the below and understand the above:

 My DWS Company team requires 100% dedication to my studio, choreographer, and fellow dancers.

 I understand perfect attendance is necessary to progress my DWS Company Team. Any absence (illness, emergency, etc.) must be made known to the director by way of email or telephone.

Commitment and respect to teammates is set forth at a high and positive standard. Company members and families are to be respectful of body, mind and character and should treat each other as family.

If an absence is necessary I will get together with my team dancers, outside of rehearsal, and learn the  choreography before the next rehearsal. 

I understand that my commitment to the company runs from now– July 1, 2017.

By signing this agreement, I fully understand and accept responsibility for the tuition for 2016 - 2017 DWS Company Season, as I am making a commitment to my respective team.

Good sportsmanship shows the quality of a person and I will always conduct myself in a manner that will be a credit to my family, my studio, my teammates, my community, and most importantly, myself. I will also wear proper team attire to all performance and competition venues. This includes wearing team jacket and pants for every awards ceremony.

I will be prepared and organized with all of my costumes, accessories, glue, make-up, etc. for every competition and performance. I understand and accept that the Director has the right to pull me from any routine, which I am not 100% prepared and dressed for. 

Please no cell phones within the studio during classes and rehearsals.

When possible, always use a hash-tag or @ when posting ANYTHING about DWS Company Team on social media. #dwscompetitionteam or @dwscompetitionteam

Fingernail polish and toenail polish will be removed prior to taking the stage, including French manicures.

My parent will not offer/give dance advice to any dancer or parent affiliated with DWS Company.  That is your instructors/directors job!

My parent will not contact any convention and/or competition organization for ANY reason. All communication will be handled by the front desk staff. 

My parent will not openly critique any dancer, including their own; during classes, rehearsals, performances, competitions or conventions.

My parent and I will uphold the highest level of respect for the studio, including verbal remarks, social media output, etc.  No ill-toned or disrespectful remarks or behavior will be tolerated.  We want our Company to stay classy, respectful, and uphold high standards of morals and actions at all times. 

Parents are welcome to sit in and video the last 10 minutes of any private solo session 

I will always make my best effort to encourage positive behavior and always discourage negative behavior.

I will not elicit or share information pertaining to The Dance Workshop, its studio, and/or its dancers with any other person from any other competing studio and team.

I will do my best to encourage my dancer to be prompt and on-time for all call times associated with the team and attending conventions/competitions.

Please know ALL of these contractual items are dance industry standard.

Please return this form by 6/15/2016

Date: _____________________________________________________________________________

We, ____________________________________________________________________ agree to the above stated contract.


(Signature of the dancer)&  (Signature of the dancer’s parent/guardian) 


Solo? Yes No Genre ____________________________________________________________________

Duo/Trio? Yes No Genre _______________________________________________________________
Please list any conflict dates you may have from August 2016 - August 2017: