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​​​​Performing Arts Center for the Whole Family.

My daughter has been dancing at Dance Workshop since the age of 4, she is now 15. The dance studio is her second family. They have become a big part of who she is today. Yes, they teach her about dance, but they also challenge and encourage her to be her best on and off the dance floor.  Dance has taught her about commitment, time management and to work as a team.  It has given her confidence, passion, the art of movement, and the love of dance. We are very blessed to have found such a wonderful dance family. 
- Jenny-

We love being a part of  the Dance Workshop! My 5 year old son had danced with this studio for three years. The instructors are knowledgeable, caring , and are patient with the kids. The recitals are wonderful and put together very well. I am always amazed that we have this great studio here in my little valley. Dancing is amazing for a growing child's development, as well as learning how to listen to other people- As a counselor here in the valley, I am happy with how my son has grown during and matured while taking dance at the Dance Workshop. 
Wiebke Willis