Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dance Workshop for Your Dance Education

1. Highly Qualified and Trained Owners – Ann and Craig Peters opened the Dance Workshop over 32 years ago. After relocating from the Napa Valley, where they had a highly successful studio, they have taught many, many children to dance in the Carson Valley. They have trained many dancers from professional and highly competitive to recreational dancers. They try to share their love for dance with each of their students. Ann has taught and directed many award winning competition teams. Together they have organized and also directed shows on Royal Caribbean Cruises, at Disneyland, and at California’s Great America. They were invited to entertain in Japan after winning the National Top group Award at the prestigious Dance America Competition. After accepting the invitation their dancers performed for 2 weeks throughout Japan, and they were the Main Event at Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park, They are committed to providing all students with high-quality dance education. And they are also committed to helping each of their students become well rounded, confident, responsible and caring individuals. Ann, Craig and their staff all feel it is important to support their community and are always active in many events throughout the year. This gives their dancers many opportunities to perform.

2. Professional Dance instructors at all levels – Dance Workshop believes in teaching correct dance technique from the very beginning. All dancers of all ages and ability benefit from the most experienced and educated teachers. Our full time faculty is also all caring parents. They understand children and their needs. Our teachers keep current with the latest dance trends and always go beyond what is required of them to insure that students’ needs are met. The Dance Workshop brings in Master Teachers for choreography and workshops each year.

3. Goal Setting – Our staff trains dancers who wish to attend an accredited four-year university with an amazing dance program. One of our jobs is to position dancers for achieving this goal even if it’s so far on the horizon nobody sees it. Of course, this is not the path for all children, but all dancers do benefit from an environment of high expectations and structure. Dancers are evaluated annually and they receive written recommendations from their instructors which empowers parents to make decisions about proper program placement for their children.

4. Curriculum and Class Sizes – Our curriculum is flexible and our classes are fun. The Dance Workshop has fine-tuned their curriculum for all ages and levels to create a perfect blend of technique development and challenge. Our syllabus is based on the Standardized Canadian National Adapt Curriculum. We use a graded system, and make sure that our dancers can accomplish all skills required at each level before moving on. However, this is done many times without the student even realizing it. 

Our youngest dancers  use the Twinkle Star Dance curriculum and have a fabulous time in class with their teachers as they also learn an incredible amount of terminology and technique. (They never suspect that they are progressing through a set curriculum.  . Our classes for older dancers are tailored to suit their needs and dance aspirations. From the most serious performing company dancer to the child who wants to dance while playing sports, there is something for everyone at the Dance Workshop. Class size is between 6 – 12 students, so each dancer receives individual attention.

5. Strong Management Skills – Professionally managed dance studios are rare. That’s why we’re proud of the many innovations we’ve adopted to make your family’s dance experience positive, from well-maintained facilities to a simple, streamlined registration process. We strive to create an environment where our teachers can focus on teaching and skip routine administrative tasks. We try to stay very organized and keep our families informed at all times. We even do our best to provide families with a “hassle free” end of the year performance.

Value Added Dance Experience – Given the many benefits to pursuing a dance education at the Dance Workshop, there is a cost. Dance falls somewhere between soccer and ice-skating in terms of overall expense for an activity. For a dancer interested in taking a single class at the Dance Workshop, parents can expect to pay about $50 per month for a weekly class, another $100 or so for a year’s worth of dance wear and shoes, and about $100 for 2 recital costumes. Items such as photos and participation in the recital are optional and left to the family’s discretion. This cost does not vary significantly from the cost of other dance studios.

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